All the pictures, except where stated, were taken within a few hundred yards of North Road and Easton Bavents. Please look at the blog on Halcyon Days. To 'walk' along North Road, click here.


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Click here for PDF of Battling the Elements: Southwold's changing fortune.

A hard copy can be obtained at Southwold Museum. More details at Touching The Tide. 


There is no other street that has better views in Southwold.

A remarkable, interesting road with superb views and wildlife. It is home to a diverse range of people including artists, builders, fishermen, actors, teachers, professors, script writers and editors, and retirees.

The scenery changes by the minute with huge East Anglian skies and superb sunrises and sunsets.

Before the great flood in 1953 the marshland was tidal, during the flood the water level rose to the door steps of the houses and flooded the cellars at the eastern end. It ends at the boating lake, the famous beach huts and the sea.